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Independent living communities are also known as retirement communities, retirement homes or senior housing. For today’s baby boomers and seniors with few if any disabilities and needed only limited assistance, retirement communities offer a broad range of intellectual, physical and social activities to enhance golden years’ enjoyment.

The retirement years should be enjoyable. In fact, some say they’re the best years of life since you don’t have to deal with the stresses…

Independent Living

Independent Living is a living option for residents to enjoy the freedom, services & amenities with the confidence of knowing that support is available.
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Child Care

Child care, otherwise known as daycare, is the care and supervision of a child or multiple children at a time. Child care is the action or skill of looking after children by a day-care centre, nannies, babysitter, teachers or other providers.

Child care is a broad topic that covers a wide spectrum of professionals, institutions, contexts, activities, and social and cultural conventions. Early child care is an equally important and often overlooked component of child development. Child care providers can be children's first teachers and therefore play an integral role in systems of early childhood education.

Quality care from a young age can have a substantial impact on the future successes of children. The main focus of childcare is on the development of the child, whether that be mental, social, or psychological.

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Elderly Care

Elderly care, or simply eldercare (also known as aged care), is the fulfilment of the special needs and requirements that are unique to senior citizens. This broad term encompasses such services as assisted living, adult daycare, long-term care, nursing homes, hospice care, and home care.

Because of the wide variety of elderly care found nationally, as well as differentiating regional perspectives on elderly citizens, it cannot be limited to any single practice.

Elderly care emphasizes the social and personal requirements of senior citizens who need some assistance with daily activities and health care, but who desire to age with dignity. It is an important distinction, in that the design of housing, services, activities, employee training and such should be truly customer-centred. It is also noteworthy that a large amount of global elderly care falls under the unpaid market sector

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