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We trace our success as a company to the simple and enduring philosophy that aging is a gift. The wealth of knowledge and experience that comes with age is a gift to the individual & the family.

We work to provide an environment that supports the whole person—mind and heart, as well as body.

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Affordable &Trusted Home Health Care Services

Why choose us
  1. Meeting Your Emotional Needs

    An elderly person needs to feel safe, remain close to other people and believe that life continues.

  2. Meeting Your Physical Needs

    We offer skilled nursing services at all of our locations with professionally trained nursing staff.

  3. Enjoy Independent Living

    Gives seniors the confidence to remain independent in a professionally managed environment.

Independent Living

Independent Living is a living option for residents to enjoy the freedom, services & amenities with the confidence of knowing that support is available.
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About PJMK Care Centre

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“Care is the cornerstone of our practice”

Neither giving nor receiving care is easy. PJMK Care puts relationships first to support those giving care, to protect the dignity of those receiving it, and to enhance the quality of life for both childrens and seniors and their families.

PJMK Care offers trusted, flexible and affordable in-home care services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for those who need it. From daycare to long term care with personalised care, health, medicals and educations.

You’ll work with a professional care coordinator and nursing care, handled by qualified and well-trained staffs.

“Helping children's and seniors engage, enrich and empower their lives”

Everything we do is driven by our universal mission: to enhance the lives of childrens, ageing adults and their families. Through caring services with opportunities for social interaction, basic support and needs services; education, volunteerism and community activism.

The solution for families that need an extra level of care. The place we call home is the place that feels most comfortable and secure.

A sense of home can become especially important as we age. Our in-home senior care services help ease the challenges of ageing while encouraging seniors to enjoy the comforts of home.

“Caring for childrens and seniors is a labor of love and requires a special person”

Through years of providing innovative solutions that improve health and quality of life for those in need of in-home health services, PJMK Care Center has established itself as one of the most experienced homecare services in Klang, Selangor.

Our approach to quality care focuses on a commitment to providing a level of expertise, training, patient service, and monitoring that is difficult to match in our industry.

PJMK Care offers 2 main options; Child Care and Elderly Care starting from a daycare to a long term care and, extended to permanent living care. Every situations, we're here to care.

What People Say


One of the best home care service in Klang. Very reasonable and affordable rates. They even provide a FREE care for some special reason. Really recommended! Offers elderly care and childcare both in separated location. Give them a visit!

Escape Travel

Escape Travel

Kuala Lumpur

I was visiting a number of assisted living facilities last month, and was really impressed by the knowledge of this one. They have nurses on staff in addition to normal caregivers.


37 years

The team of professional caretakers have helped us to improve many aspects of our life, social life included. The personal assistant works hard and knows what they are doing. Thank you.

Nur Halimatus Saadiah

37 years

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